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The Bendigo Bank Junior Football League is an Australian rules football league for the Central Victorian region. More commonly known as the BJFL. 

The following people have made significant contribution to the Bendigo Junior Football League:

2005 Life Member Photo_edited.jpg

Life Members

Dennis Potter

Des Dickson

Fran Sheean *

Garry Place

Glen Black

Herb Loria

James Loy 

Joe Green 

John Carter 

John Hewitt

John Squire

Joy Rogerson 

Kevin Price 

Liz Black 

Mal Freemantle 

Maureen Symons

Norm Perrow *

Norman Symons

Peter Gallagher

Rod McRae *

Roy Rayner

Tom Dobeli 

Tom Forman 

Tom Lane

William Kurzke *

WRG (Wally) White *

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